Bullet Kinetic ISS Trax

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Bullet Kinetic ISS Trax
Bullet Kinetic ISS Trax
Bullet Kinetic ISS Trax

Core: Kinetic Core PP (EPP 1.9lb)
Deck: Wavecushion Air 8lb PE (NXLPE)
Slick: Surlyn
Stringer: ISS Stringer System
Reinforcement: Slick Mesh
Rails: 50/50 Double Rails w/ Top Chine Diamond Rail & Vax Trax Rails
Channels:  AKU Shaped CNC Transitional Hull Channels
Tail: Clipped Crescent Tail w/ Tail Piece
Contours: Deck & Nose Bulbs

There's definitely a bit of the old and a bit of the new in this board!

Once again, we've used Bullet’s refined and slightly modernized template. With a little bit of extra width compared to a lot of the Pro model board on the market, this board is a perfect all-rounder for all wave sizes & suitable for prone or dropknee riding.

The Top Chine rail gives it a nostalgic feel and look top, while the Vax Trax Rail gives it some bite on the bottom rail. Once again we've also combo's up the Vax Trax Rails with the Transitional Hull Channels. Being longer in length with extremely slight graduation, means these channels keep harmony and flow, allowing water to enter and exit cleanly with minimal disturbance.

Core construction is pretty Standar PP / Stringer / Mesh, but we've added a bit of versatility with the ISS Stringer option.