Torus - Stealth Bodyboards
Torus - Stealth Bodyboards
Torus - Stealth Bodyboards
Torus - Stealth Bodyboards
Torus - Stealth Bodyboards


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Core: Kinetic Core PP (EPP 1.9lb)
Deck: Wavecushion Air 8lb PE (NXLPE)
Slick: Surlyn
Stringer: S10 Stringer
Reinforcement: Slick Mesh
Rails: 55/45 Double Rails  w/ Vax Trax Rails
Channels:  Torus Channel Hull Concave
Tail: Chisel Tail
Contours: Deck & Nose Bulbs

The Torus Channel is an evolution of our Zero Slot Hull Channel.

Once again, we have continued with a variation of the Planing Hull Theory, whilst being mindful of the drive and hold required on a bodyboard.

On the Torus Channel, the wider points of the channel are at the nose and tail of the board. This allows water to be welcomed into the channel, then squeezed through the narrower centre point at greater speed, before released through the slight concave in the tail at a reduced pressure, much like the Venturi effect.

This channel shape also allows for increased lift around your shoulder & elbows while still allowing plenty of hold through your hips.

Because we still want the ability to surf slabby waves on this board, we have combined this channel with our Vax Trax Rail Technology for some extra rail hold in steeper sections. 

Construction-wise, we've kept it pretty practical with PP Core / Stringer / Mesh / Surlyn Slick combo. This makes it very durable and  pretty ideal for year round use in most Mid-climates depending on you preferences. 

Fun Fact: If you were to continue drawing the lines of the channels beyond the board, they would eventually loop back into themselves to make the Torodial Shape.

 *Unfortunately, 43" size cannot be shipped outside of Australia *

41 11 5/8 20 3/4 18 3/8 17 5/8 52
42 11 7/8 21 1/4 18 7/8 18    53
43 12 1/4 21 3/4 19 3/8 18 1/2 55


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Michael Kent
Bloody good sled!!

Loving the new boog!!

Stuart Knox
Boogie_Stu Review

Well, it’s been over a year since I’ve dropped a board review but life is like that. To be honest I thought I was done after my last one but along came the @stealtharmy Torus. So, a recap before the review. I had, and still am, a huge fan of Ben Player’s template. It was his board specs that brought me to the realisation that for me I prefer a board with a low wide-point. Minimum 19” NTWP measurement. For context, most modern boards are between 17.5” & 18.5”, vintage shapes are less than 17.5” as a rule. Right now there’s 5 (prone) boards on the market that fit this profile. NMD Ben Player, VS Dave Winchester, Science Tanner McDaniel, Hubboards Hauoli Reeves & Stealth Torus. So onto the review, the Torus has two main design features that are unique, a tunnel concave that runs most of the length of the slick and concave rails towards the tail. Like all bat tails, this board is quick, it has lift at the tail that I always expect and the looseness when required, but there’s something about the channel that adds a certain squirt through the middle but in my opinion it is the concave rail that is the secret key here. I’m old and fat, yet this board is clocking speeds on my Apple Watch that are ridiculous in context of the wave being ridden. I haven’t really experienced a board before this that has more acceleration to give when required as it gets steep on the face. My gut (🤣) feel is the concave rails allow me to ride higher than any other board in that situation, offering more vertical face to use to accelerate, without the interference of a regular channel system that has a linear effect on the driving line. It is another 10/10 board for me. I’ll get my hands on a Tanner & Hauoli eventually and put the other 19”+ NTWP boards to the rest.

Hi Stu - No-one better to review this board than you! Glad you're enjoying it.


Best BB I’ve ever owned


Fun zippy board. I don't know any tricks so can't say anything about its core quality but loving it so far