Zero Slot Hull Channel


We've been working with our team riders to develop a new channel system to assist their high performance bodyboarding in  average waves. After all, this is what we end up surfing more often than not!

We were originally thinking, and have recently dabbled with the Old school "Flat Bottom", but we though we could do better. We also wanted to keep in mind that our end goal was to create a board that would increase performance in 2-3 foot beachies with a bit of push, and not just create a spin to win style groveler style board.

Anyway, we went pretty deep on the research looking at boats, planes and surfboard designs.

What we've ended up with a large single hull concave which we've named the Zero Slot Hull Channel. This bottom contour is based on the theory of a "planing hull" which as the name suggests, gets you planing earlier and easier, giving exceptional down the line speed off the weakest of sections. 

A lot of our inspiration came from the Bob Simmons designed Mini Simmons surfboards, which have since evolved and are evident in a lot of the modern day Daniel Thompson (Tomo Shapes) and Slater Designs surfboards.

We originally released this on a Limited Edition Zero Slot Hull Channel Board. Feedback from this has been great, so we have since released on a few other models in conjunction with a few of our other features.

In barrelling waves, we'd suggest pairing it with Vax Trax Rails, but if its junky the Slider Deluxe would be ideal for squeezing every little drop of speed out of the waves.

Speed Dealer 4.0 - Zero Slot Hull Channel / Vax Trax Rails / Chisel Tail

Speed Dealer 5.0 - Zero Slot Hull Channel / Vax Trax Rails / Bat Tail

Wingass Dirty Dozen - Zero Slot Hull Channel / Vax Trax Rails / Crescent Tail

Slider Deluxe - Zero Slot Hull Channel / Regular Rails / Crescent Tail

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