Edgar Acevedo Jauregui

While he was originally born in Peru,  Edgar has become a Cronulla and Australian bodyboarding legend in the time he has been here. We think it’s safe to say he is probably one of the only expats who is allowed to catch set waves at Shark Island.

Not only is he one of the hardest charging bodyboarders around, he’s got a good head on him too! He is extremely generous with his time and is always happy to lend us a hand at Stealth HQ.

Edgar gives us feedback and ideas in regards to board design & construction, graphics and colourways for all the products he endorses. He's got great marketing knowledge which he uses to help promote himself and our brand.

He is also our South American connection. With his Spanish tongue, and detailed knowledge of the local market, he has helped Stealth gain great traction in these areas.

When he's not travelling or bodyboarding Edgar enjoys training, jiu jitsu and watching the Cronulla Sharks.