Isaac Williams

Name: Isaac Williams

City: Northern Beaches, Sydney

Age: 18

Sponsors: Stealth Army and Bodyboard King

Hobbies: Music (Drummer + Guitarist), Woodworking - Furniture Making, Surfing.

Favorite movie: Star Wars (No brainer)

Favorite wave: Winki, Greggs

Best song to make love to: Wild Eyes - Parkway Drive.... hahaa pft. I honestly couldn't pick one, maybe some LEISURE.

I grew up on the Northern Beaches, just down the road from Curl Curl beach where Winny grew up surfing. I started bodyboarding when I was about 10 and quickly found love for the sport. I'm really lucky to live where I do, there's heaps of fun waves around and is quite central for going up and down the coast. When I'm not surfing or working at Bodyboard King and a bar in Manly, you'll find me knocking back a cold one with mates. The future isn't quite clear to me yet, but i'm keen to just keep surfing and enjoying where I am lucky to live. Hopefully in the next couple of years I'll be able to explore the world and surf in some interesting places.