Levi Laczko

Name:Full name is Levente Gyorgy Laczko, but due to it always getting butchered, Levi Laczko is what I go by 

City: Northern Beaches of Sydney

Age: 20

Sponsors: Stealth boards and fins

Hobbies: Other than booging, really been into retro video games as of late and I've also acquired a knack for old Japanese cars over the years as well

Favorite movie: I want to say something that will make me look trendy or cultured but honestly, Pokemon: The Movie 2000 is about as good as it gets in my books

Favorite wave: Either Winki or a couple of haunts down south  

Best song to make love to: Anything with Nate Dogg's super smooth voice 

 In terms of future aspirations, I would like to finish my Bachelor of Environment at Macquarie, tackle some of the bigger issues we face as a species and hopefully be able to do all that while pushing my surfing; hopefully into old age! haha 




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