Stealth Bodyboards Package Deals

To get the most out of your bodyboard, we believe a set of Swimfins, a good quality Leash and a Boardbag is essential!

With that in mind, we're proud to offer the easiest, and most customizable package deals going round. Just follow the steps below and we'll take care of the rest and apply the "Package Deal Discount" at checkout for you! 

If you click on "View Product" you will be able to view all board specs, and choose select your size and colour.

Once you've selected this just "Add to Cart".

Step 1. Choose a Board

Step 2. Choose a Swimfin

Step 3. Choose a Leash

Step 4. Choose a Bag

Step 5. Choose any other Accessories (optional)

These items aren't necessary to complete your package deal, but handy to have so we're happy to offer these items with the package deal discount.