Bearded Lady NRG Trax

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The Bearded Lady is Nick Gornall’s choice of board from the Stealth range. The board was designed in conjunction with Nick to promote his technical pocket surfing and aerial ability. In return, we thought it was only fitting that we named the board and developed the boards logo based on one of Nick’s favourite tattoos, the Bearded Lady.

The Bearded Lady Zero NRG has the Zero Construction. Due to the NRG Zero Tension Tech construction, the Vax Trax NRG is thinner than most boards of the market. It has a single stringer combined with deck & slick link mesh (with PP substrate). This board is a bit stiffer than the usual NRG boards, and would suit someone who usually rides a Kinetic core and wants a board with a bit more flex, or someone who surfs cooler water, but feels the normal NRG is a bit soft. Nick rocks this combo in his stints through the southern parts of Australia.

Stealth and Nick Gornall have designed this model to complement the way Gornall surfs - Smooth, smart & stylishly.
Nick is one of the sports most exciting riders. Armed with his lethal bag of tricks, he's always sure to unload in any conditions. His 2016/17 model complements his explosive, spontaneous surfing.

CORE: NRG Core - 1.4lb Polypro (PP) Core
NRG CORE: Developed using cutting edge expansion cell technology the NRG Core has been specifically formulated to duplicate key performance characteristics found in original Dow cores. By incorportaing the latest advancements in calibrated cell fusion the NRG core posesses excellent recoil & projection properties. The core is 100% waterproof. The construction contains a single S10 stringer combined with deck and slick mesh. This creates constant rebound memory giving great responsiveness and projection throughout the board.
STRINGER: S10 Stringer
DECK: Wavecushion 8lb PE Deck
SLICK: Surlyn Slick by DuPont
TAIL: Chisel Tail with Tail Piece
- Tension Tech: Gornall loves his PP, but uses Tension Tech for his NRG core boards. Tension Tech is a top mesh sub sandwich layer. It consists of a sheet of mesh sandwiched in between the two layers of 1.5mm IXLPP (crosslink polypropylene). This allows us to produce a much thinner core without sacrificing strength, resulting in an incredibly strong board with excellent recoil. Combined with Polypro, this makes an extremely stiff board, perfect for tropical locations. We have been using this technology mainly with PE and NRG boards, allowing us to get the best properties from both the PP substrate, and the softer NRG or PE core.

- Vax Trax Rails: These concaved rails provide a more manuovreabole edge while turning but more hold & grip in the wav  when trimming. The Vacuum trax rails result in a bigger surface area while the vacuum increases more water flow out the back of the rails resulting in more speed.
- Transitional Hull Channels These AKU Channels are much wider & longer channels that run halfway up the board length. This provise extra hold & extra flow of water out the back of the tail.
- Chisel Tail- The wider, squarer chisel tail allows the "Clip or pegs" of the crescent tail to be wider to accomadate for the wider trasnitional hull channels

Deck & Slick Mesh, Nose Bulbs, Bearded Lady Deck Contours, AKU Shaped Transitional Graduated Channels, 50/50 Vax Trax Double rails, Nose & Tail Bumpers, CNC Shaped