Lip Reader Trax

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Lip Reader Trax
Lip Reader Trax
Lip Reader Trax
Core: NRG+ (EPP 1.3lb + 1.9lb layer) + Tension Tech 

Deck: Wavecushion Air 8lb PE (NXLPE)
Slick: Surlyn
Stringer: S10 Stringer 
Reinforcement: Slick Mesh
Rails: 55/45 Double Rails w/ Vax Trax Rails
Channels:  AKU Shaped CNC Transitional Hull Channels
Tail: Chisel Tail w/ Tail Piece
Contours: Full Deck Contours inc. Nose Bulbs & Thumb Bar

The Lip Reader is Nick Gornall and Stealth Bodyboards newest collaboration.

So, why the Lip Reader? Well aside from Gornall's obsession with Lipstick, he's also pretty handy above, on, or behind the lip when he's in the water. As the name suggests, the Lip Reader should give you a little extra foresight whether you're looking to boost big airs or tuck into some slabbing barrels.

This board uses the same template as Nicks' previous Bearded Lady Model.  This template was designed in conjunction with Nick to promote his technical pocket surfing and aerial ability. 

Aside from the obvious Logo and colour changes, one addition to the Lip Reader is the "Hand to Hip" deck contours. We've kept the hand contours along the nose and rails, but added a Hip Groove contour through the tail. This provides a little extra comfort and helps to lock your hips into place.

This board features the unique NRG Tension Tech core construction, which is a little softer than the PP, and is ideal for Mid-Cool Water Climate.Using “Tension Tech” technology, mesh is layered between PP substrate, on both the deck and slick sides of the NRG core. This provides the ultimate levels projection and recoil. More importantly, it allows the core to be thinner, while providing more strength.

Cooler Water = Slabbier waves, so we've also beefed it up with our Vax Trax Rail System featuring Transitional Hull Channels and Chisel Tail. 

Nick Rides this board in 41.5" and is 5'10 & 70 kgs

41    11 3/4 20 1/2 18 7/8 17 3/8 52
42    12    21    19 3/8 17 3/4 53



Vax Trax Rail System