Speed Dealer 2.0

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Core: Kinetic Core PP (EPP 1.9lb)
Deck: Wavecushion Air 8lb PE
Slick: Surlyn
Stringer: S10 Stringer System
Reinforcements: Slick Mesh 
Features: Vax Trax Rails, Transitional Hull Channels, Deck Contour, Nose Bulbs, Deck Bulbs, Tail Piece, Chisel Tail.

A new model Speed Dealer with some new technology we've been working on! Once again we've been guided by Steve Bullet Mackenzie, and a few of the old and new technologies he has used in the past.

The Speed Dealer 2.0 is like a Formula 1 Racing Car. Make no mistake about how fast you will be able to drive and turn. This board has 3 new features exclusive to Stealth designed to work in conjunction for the perfect balance between speed, harmony and drive. Not only do we feel this board is the best of what we know already, we feel this new technology will allow you to explore new parts of a wave, ride different angles and create a new riding experience.

Vax Trax Rails - A graduated concave on the bottom rail, starting in the mid-section and becoming more prominent through the tail section of the board. The steepness of the rail combined with the curve allows a greater angle to drive off, decreasing the loss of speed. It allows you to hold a higher line on the wave face, so you now have the tool to run higher, faster lines and steeper angles.

Transitional Hull Channels - Similarly to the Vax Trax rails, these start about 18 inches from the tail of the board (almost double the length of traditional channels). Being longer in length with extremely slight graduation, means these channels keep harmony and flow, allowing water to enter and exit cleanly with minimal disturbance. To sum it up simply, they provide better speed, drive and control.

Chisel Tail - This tail shape also provides the looseness and responsiveness of a crescent tail, however increases planing surface area, similarly to the benefits of a bat tail. The squarer pegs, are designed to ensure maximum efficiency of the water flow created  from the graduated hull channels, and complete the combination between these and the Vax Trax rails. This helps create lift and control, especially when driving off your hips. Extra lift enables easy and smooth rail to rail transitions.