Tour - PE Tension Tech

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Tour - PE Tension Tech
Tour - PE Tension Tech
Tour - PE Tension Tech
Tour - PE Tension Tech
Tour - PE Tension Tech

The Tour Series

The Tour is a great all-round template that will provide you with a consistent feel across the whole range. Whether you are surfing punchy reef breaks, hollow barreling waves or a summer rip bowl the Tour will serve you well. Designed to be your stock board, and the board you get for a trip away, the three constructions of the Tour are all shaped in the same way, but use different construction compounds to better suit them to specific water conditions. Perhaps you live in cold waters so you want the ‘PE Tension-Tech’ construction for your everyday riding, then when you plan a trip to warm waters you can comfortably take a ‘Double’ model knowing that you are used to the template. 

Name Tour PE TT

Core: Ethafoam PE + Tension Tech

Deck: 8lb PE

Slick: Surlyn and Mesh

Stringer: ISS Single Stringer

Template: Tour

Features: Graduated Channels, Slick Grips, Crescent Tail

The PE core is a favourite among those who like some extra flex in their board and is also great for cold waters when you want extra flex in the board right away … meaning it will feel ‘broken. In’ almost right away! Tension Tech is a construction that has become a recent favourite which is a top mesh sandwich layer between a layer of PP core and in this case ‘Ethafoam’ PE. We have used graduated channels and a crescent tail as well as some slick grips on the nose to round out the board.

 *Unfortunately, 43" size cannot be shipped outside of Australia *

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