El Gringo

Since joining the Stealth team, we've been working with George to create a board that suits the kinda waves he surfs. It's been hard, he pulls into 20 foot barrels, but loves big ramps too! What we've ended up with the El Gringo Model, and it seems it goes good in anything..

Here's a little clip of George putting this board through its paces on a recent East Coast Trip. All this was filmed in a few days on the South Coast (plus 1 wave at Shark Island!) This kid knows how to get the job done!


George was pretty easy with boards when he came to Stealth. 41.5 inches, thin with big nose bulbs. We've tested a few different curves and dimensions, and ended up with a new template that we've used across other board in the range such as the Speed Dealer and S-Flex 

The El Gringo comes in NRG Exert, Kinetic and Kinetic ISS.

The NRG Exert has a single stringer, combined with deck and slick mesh. This is perfect for George through winter in South West Australia. This core allows enough flex for surfing heavy slabbing waves such as The Right  and The Box. 

The Kinetic and Kinetic ISS options both come with single stringer with deck mesh. George rides the ISS when travelling as it allows him to adjust to suit the conditions at hand. He also prefers the PP core when surfing many of the crazy wedges around his home as it helps the boards to last a  bit longer!

Check out below to see Georges deck contour. Nose Bulbs, Deck Bulbs with hand groove running from nose to the rail. This board ain't coming out of your hands easy!

As per the other Pro Boards, the El Gringo comes with Surlyn slick. If you want to be hitting ramps and landing on the regular, the Surlyn is a necessity as it will not crease as easily as the HD slick, and even if it does, wont effect board performance. 

It also has AKU shaped graduated channels. These are created using the same AKU shaping technology used in surfboard contours. This allows the channels to be positioned closer to the rail with a more graduated design for greater effectiveness. Previousley this had to be done by hand, and only the top riders got this feature on their custom boards. Now its available to everyone!

 So far this has been one of the most popular shapes in the new Stealth range with riders such as Sean Pyne and Jacob Hein riding the El Gringo. 

Comes in 4 sick colourways too. George's colourway of choice has been the Black / Orange.

Click on any of the boards below to see full board descriptions and other new models!

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