The original and the best bodyboard fin. The Stealth S1 is crafted with 100% Malaysian rubber. It has a soft foot pocket for ultimate comfort and a stiff curved blade for maximum propulsion. Perfect to take your bodyboarding to the next level!

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      S1 Features:

      • Crafted with 100% Malaysian Rubber (the best!).
      • Soft asymmetrical foot pocket to produce a perfect fit.
      • Stiff curved blade for maximum propulsion and minimal effort.
      • Blade rail ridges and angled rails to transfer energy easily and efficiently.
      • Classic circle drainage system to keep the foot pocket free from sand and rocks.  

      Recent updates:

      • Circle drainage hole reduced
      • Slightly softer durometer
      • Premium quality rubber as per S2's

      Our most popular S1 Bodyboard Fins: