Sizing Details

Choosing the Right Size Bodyboard 

With Lilly Pollard


Choosing the right size board can be a tough decision, particularly for your first board or two. 

A nice guide is to stand the bodyboard on the ground, lean it up against you and ideally the nose of the board will be in line with your belly button. If you’re a bigger build, then you could go an inch or two bigger, or even a wider or thicker board to aid in floatation.

You’ll see that some boards are designed with deck contours and nose bulbs for
comfort and grip. Definitely take the opportunity to try out different bodyboards whenever you can and get a feel for what you like.

Bigger / Smaller boards have their advantages and disadvantages, and its best to consider what sort of conditions you will be riding most often. Generally bigger boards are faster, but not as easy to control, and generally suited to smaller waves. On the other hand smaller boards are a bit harder to generate speed, however have greater control and are ideal for bigger waves. 

If your still unsure, check out the ‘bodyboard size guide’ below for help:

Stealth bodyboards correct board size chart height and weight