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Speed Dealer 6.0
Spencer Waite
Hawaiians perspective

The board is pretty good. I do enjoy the wider front end and the down the line speed. I did have to adjust my riding style because of the channels in the rail. I can't do super sharp turns because the rail will bite too much and cause a bog out. So no more fast, drop in the bowl and launch. Can live with that.

The only thing I would say I've had an issue with is, in choppy conditions the front rails splash plenty water up into your face. But to mediate this I've went ahead and rounded the rails which has taken care of the problem for the most part.

Overall it's a great board! It reminds me of the old flat bottom square tails that I used to ride way back in the day but with more modern touches. Mahalo

Tour - Kinetic Double
Arlanda mickael
Best board ever

Super planche . L'équipe est très professionnelle et à l'écoute. Merci encore . Je recommanderais à coup sur .

DuNNoS K15 Trax
Jarred Dorado

I’m stoked on the new board and how it’s performing. It’s also turning heads here

Nice fit

Nice and thick for winter boog'n. Makes your fins a nice snug, warm fit. Just be sure to size up your fins to use these thick socks.

Super comfy. Plenty of power.

Sized up, combined with the Stealth fin socks. Good for 3hr surfs in Vicco winter waters.

Stoogie 48"
Back to the Break

My joints ( not the rolled variety) have called time on stand-up. The Stoogie gets me out there in the line up & learning new ways.....down low on the wave gives such a different perspective. Fun in the sun.

Nalu Tiki EPS
Puno Nalu

Exactly as ordered and fast delivery

Basic Bicep
Dylan Church

Basic Bicep

For me, in 6/7 feet, it's a very good versatile BB
Hope test it in 9 feet.
Thanks CJ for shootin

Slasher SS
Slasher SS

This is my first DK board and wow i cant believe how much difference it makes! Only ridden a couple times in sucky 3-4ft waves but really impressed so far. Find I can lean much more forward on the drop-in and doesn't nose dive as easily as my prone focused boards. Also hold the rails really nicely and im assuming this is because the wide point is bit further back. Really stiff when riding prone, but feels perfect up on the knee. Stoked!

Deluxe Wrist
Lydia Matheson
Happy with purchase and customer service

Good communication.

S1 Supreme - Black / Fluro Red

Tour - NRG ISS
Matthew Lugo

Hello my name is Matthew. I bought one of your stealth boards and I love it. There very fun and flexible, good for spins and for barrels. I love in Southern California and the shipping came in pretty quick aswell for hiw far they are. I love them. Thank you so much 🤙

Super-soft is the best

I'm getting old, the knees ain't what they used to be. These fins are making longer sessions much easier. Would recommend

Speed Dealer 6.0
Anthony Quin
Speed Dealer

It got me, I'm addicted. Thanks Stealth for another quality board and the service, excellent.

Jon Gouvignon
Great Product

Good work from the crew at Stealth for a nice sled, going get a coupla barrels on it. Thanks guys xoxo

Wingass Remix
Alexander Pratt

Just had first surf on it and found it to hold a nice fast line!!

Dylan Church
Best gear around

I have a heap of Ur gear Nd love it got this board for my young bloke Nd he is stoked with it will definitely be buying more from u guys

Tour - Kinetic K15
Owen Chopping
Fun board

Good fun board, nice and fast even for a bigger bloke


I have just ridden my new Tour - PE Tension Tech and I've enjoyed its buoyancy, lightness and maneuverability. Additionally I love the materials, the PE core, the surlyn slick and mesh. Thank you! Cheers from Lisbon, Portugal!

Wingass Remix
Mark Kidd
Wingass Remix Review

So stoked with my new Wingass Remix Stealth Bodyboard! Great shape and flys down the line! Tempted to buy another!!

Tour - PE Tension Tech - in Tassie waters.

I went for this model because of the claimed, 'PE core is a favourite among those who like some extra flex in their board and is also great for cold waters when you want extra flex in the board right away.'

I live in Tas, where in cooler water temps, other cores can sometimes feel too stiff. I took the Stealth, TOUR - PE TENSION TECH out for a run first up at my local reef, at pretty punchy 3 to 4ft. Although the board felt a bit slippery (as new boards always do, even after a warm shower and good coating of wax) it's smaller size, (I went for a 41) manoeuvrability, and flex, slung the thing and me, through some deep tubes. What I noticed about the board was, it felt really sure and steady in the hands and held surprisingly well in the barrel; it seemed very fast through a bottom turn.

I haven't used it again yet in other wave conditions, but I suspect this board will be a go too in solid, punchy stuff, but I'll opt for something larger in lower quality waves.

Double Shaka 45"
Glynn Cadman

Great product

Speed Dealer 6.0
David Evans
Speed dealer 6.0

Rides exactly how it's described when in the barrel the board comes to life, yeew! yeew!

Basic Bicep

Leash works great. Only issue is I ordered a size too small.