Plugging your board



Drilling into the core of your board is a necessary evil when inserting a leash plug. Please read these instructions before inserting your plug:

Most Stealth boards have been fitted with a stringer system. Please check the tech features poster, and stringer stickers on slick side of packaging for verification. 

For boards fitted with a SINGLE STRINGER or TRIDENT STRINGER SYSTEM, drill at least 3 INCHES either side of the centre of the board. (Indicated by X on diagrams below).

For boards fitted with a DOUBLE STRINGER, drill in the centre of the board. (Indicated by X on diagrams below).

Failure to comply may result in contact with the stringer. Damage caused by drilling the plug too close to the stringer is not covered by warranty. Although our stringer systems have been designed to increase board strength and maximise recoil properties, they will not prevent creasing. 

Water can enter the internal structure during use via the opening around the plug. Due to all Stealth cores being closed cell, only the cells that are damaged by the drilling can absorb water. Water may be heard from time to time within the stringer. This occurs only in minute amounts and will not effect the performance of your board.