Stealth Swimfins are an Australia swimfin brand provide the perfect mix of comfort, power and style. Made from 100% Malaysian Rubber and created in conjunction with some of the worlds best watermen, these fins feature unique asymmetrical designs for maximum performance. While predominantly created for Bodyboarding, these fins are also ideal for Bodysurfing, Swimming, Snorkelling or Water Photography.

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      S1 Swimfin Collection

      The original and the best. Crafted with 100% Malaysian rubber, the Stealth S1 Swimfin has a soft foot pocket for ultimate comfort and a stiff curved blade for maximum propulsion. Most popular styles for bodyboarding include:

      S2 Swimfin Collection

      The Stealth S2 Swimfin has been designed specifically for high performance bodyboarding, in conjunction with the World's best riders. The Main features include an asymmetrical foot pocket to produce a perfect fit and straightened blade for improved acceleration and helping to reduce twist to the ankles and knees. Most popular styles include:

      Super Soft Swimfin Collection

      The latest and greatest from Stealth Swimfins! The Super Soft Fins feature an Extra-soft foot pocket for making them the most comfortable bodyboard fins going round!

      Ideal for those just getting started, prone to fin cuts or lighter uses such as swimming or snorkelling.

      S4 Swimfin Collection

      The ultimate all-rounders. The S4 features a classic design suited for all types of water sports.

      This is as close as we produce to a symmetrical fin and is a real favourite for those who spend a lot of time treading water - bodysurfers and water photographers.