The Stealth Boys have been having an epic time during this last little run of swell. Nick Gornall, Jake Stone and George Humphreys have packed the cars and hit the road. Starting up in Queensland, the only plans have been  "head South and score waves" in a good old fashioned road trip. 

While there's nothing better than scoring all time waves in an overseas trip, we thought this is a good chance to get the boys together for a good time, get competitive in the water and show what they're capable of in everyday sorta waves.

From what we've heard so far they've scored everything from Gold Coast beachies, North Coast Breakwalls and South Coast reefs. 

With another nice swell on the cards, word is they might be headed further South to isolated parts of Southern Australia to top it all off.

The whole trip is being documented by Tyge Landa and Josh Tabone. Full clip should be out in the coming weeks.  

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