Inverted are one of the few stores who seem to be thriving in the current conditions. Director Ben Wells has capitalised on the demise of BSC, by recently opening a second store on  the Gold Coast in addition to their long running Sunny Coast store and successful online operation.

As well as all this, Inverted has been a key backer of many comps from local to the Aussie Tour Dbah Pro, and has approximately 20 team rider they look after. Many of the riders work in-store, so you can be assured to get knowledge from the best at Inverted. 

Thanks to Noah Aubort (staff member, team rider and larrikin) for taking the time to answer all these questions for us!

Tell us a little bit about Inverted ..To date, Inverted remain both 100% Australian owned and as one of the longest running bodyboard shops to date, with little to no reluctancy to change. Based on the east coast of Australia, Inverted are the only bodyboard retailer to extend their reach between cities, both the Sunshine Coast and (for the first time in six years) the Gold Coast continue to receive major support in the form of a bodyboard oriented retail outlet. 

Director Ben Wells is not only a passionate bodyboarder but also a highly skilled bodyboarder, his lessons learnt both on the water and behind the counter of Inverted have gifted him with unmatched knowledge as to all product and conditions. 

Alongside Ben is a small yet renowned team of local bodyboarders competing, working and documenting from a young and fresh perspective of bodyboarding. Growth from grass roots sees Inverted producing one of the most talented, accomodating and knowledgable working teams in modern bodyboarding. Providing customers real life opinions and advice is what separates Inverted from the pack, both as a store and as a team. 

What influences you guys? Here at Inverted we continue to draw influence from the ocean and what comes with it. Surfers, Bodyboarders, big waves, small waves; anything to maximise our time and enjoyment in the ocean. 

Whose the top pro's a the moment? The level of surfing in 2016 has genuinely become hard to keep up with. Riders are throwing themselves into waves that really actually shouldn't be surfed and boosting off lips thicker than their landing pad. 

Golden boy Lachlan Cramsie is always one to keep an eye on in terms of up and comers. Cramsie is perhaps one of the most consistent riders in Australia, if not the world. Surf with Cramsie, you've a borderline guarantee of seeing something dangerously big happen. 

More big news on riders at the moment is Gold Coaster Joe Clarke. Whom not only signed off on a new board deal, but also finished ahead of the pack in his first ever Australian tour victory. Joe for years has comfortably sat as one of the most stylish bodyboarders in the game, 2016 has proved no different this far. 

Who's the hardest rider to deal with ? Our hardest team rider to work alongside would undoubtedly be the young Sunny Coaster Josh Keenan. Josh has suffered an incomprehensible amount of knee surgeries within the last couple years. An incredible bodyboarder when in form, but a bodyboarder not often in form, whilst Josh has a seemingly staggered career, he’s notably the most resilient 18 year old we’ve come accross and we always know he’s never too far off a comeback. 

Any advice for groms looking to get sponsored? Groms looking to take it to that next level in terms of sponsorship and or a future in bodyboarding need to be focusing largely on competition but also consistency in surfing. Never focus on one particular manoeuvre, prove your elasticity, surfing in big and small waves, lefts and rights with a variety of manoeuvres including even the basic of which. 

Perseverance is key in breaking into the crowd and becoming a noted bodyboarder. This of course involves documentation in filming, photography and comp results. It’s almost a guarantee that if you keep at it, continue to progress and aim to improve, you will be noticed in some way or form eventually; bit'ta dedication to the game goes a helluva long way. 

What about getting a job in the shop? More or less the same story revolves around working at a bodyboard shop. There’s forever new information to keep on top of, knowing your product, where to use your product and when to use your product is vital in working in a bodyboard shop. The board you ride will to an extent define your surfing. 


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