Bodyboard King

With a man like Toby Player at the reins, you know your going to get some serious knowledge when shopping at Bodyboard King. Not surprisingly, his business has gone from strength to strength since it started as a one-man online only operation 10 years ago.

Not only does Toby now have a bustling shopfront and a huge online following, he has arguable the best team in bodyboarding! Ben Player, Dave Winchester, Jake Stone, Jase Finlay, Lewy Finnegan, George Humphreys & James Kates.

Toby has been prevalent in backing the bodyboard industry, supporting IBA, APB and ABA tour events. 


Tell us a bit about Bodyboard King..  Bodyboard King started as Boogerking until we had to change the name due to a fast food chains legal letter's. We started in August 2006 online  & Opened our retail shop in July 2011 so we're going on 10 years this month.

We try to offer the biggest ranges & best choices. Our goal is to give the customer the best products for their needs at the best price.

It' not so much about making money as the customers satisfaction. Any left over profits go back into supporting the industries through supporting local clubs like SBC through to sponsoring the top athletes & the APB tour as their dedicated Shop Sponsor

Who influences you guys? All the sick brands coming out with amazing ranges his year. 

Why shop at bodyboard king? Because we have the widest range & offer personalised service to get you exactly what you want. 

Who’s do you think is the best rider right now both grom and pro? I may be bias but pretty hard to beat my Bro Ben Player as a Pro Rider.  Best grom is for sure Tanner .

Hardest/ Easiest rider to work with? All our Pro team is easy to work with Ben Player, Dave Winchester, Jake Stone, Jase Finlay, Lewy Finnegan, George Humphreys & James Kates, 

Hardest rider is trying to get Jake Stone to put stickers on his boards. 

Any advice for young groms on surfing? Just do it for the love, I've seen many grom's chasing sponsors to impress their mates but its usually the ones that surf for the love that shine through & make it. For our riders all we ask is for them to score insane waves & get great footgage & photo's which they all do.

What about getting into the bodyboard biz? Same goes with business if you are passionate & keep at it you'll succeed.For workers it's to be pro active & look for things to do rather than have to be told.

Check them out for everything you will ever need in bodyboarding!

2/722 Pittwater Rd
Brookvale NSW 2100
(02) 8068 4545