The Bearded Lady

Thought we'd drop a little clip to celebrate the release of Stealth's new board model, the Bearded Lady. Nick Gornall is the man behind this creation. Sick little clip with some Dress ups, South Coast, South Oz and Shippies action. Gornall's put a lot into this clip and board model, in particularly growing his beard to resemble his board logo. 


As far as the boards go, they are looking Epic. The board was designed in conjunction with Nick to promote his technical pocket surfing and aerial ability. We thought it'd only be fair to give him naming rights, and he chose to base it on one of his favourite tattoos! 

All model's come with Gornall's personal template and are available in NRG Reflex, Kinetic and Kinetic ISS. 

The NRG has Trident Stringer system, combined with deck and slick mesh. This makes it extremely resonsponsive through the front end, while the mid section remains rigid for extra drive. Nick's choice for his missions through Southern Australia!

The Kinetic and ISS model both come the single stringer and mesh, making these boards idea for those in warmer climates. 


The Bearded Lady comes complete with Nicks personally designed hand grooves on nose and rails to handle heavy landings and deep barrels. It also has a thumb bar for extra grip in those scooping bottom turns.

Surlyn slicks standard are the standard on all our Pro Range Stealth boards. This slick is the benchmark as it allows the boards core to flex and recoil as desired, giving maximum projection.

A new feature we've included this year are AKU shaped graduated channels. Previousley, this was unavailable in bodyboard technology. These are created much like surfboard contours allowing channels to be positioned closer to the rail, and with a more graduated design providing greater effectiveness. 

Comes in 4 sick colourways too. Nicks been rocking the Black / Camo of late..

Click on any of the boards below to see all board descriptions and other new models!




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