Talkin Shop

They're often forgotten about these days, but we think its worth paying a little respect and giving back to the local bodyboard (and surf) shop.

In the past few years we've seen the biggest and longest running bodyboard stores disappear last year (Bodyboarders Surf Co), not to mention many of the local surf stores which litter our coastline. There's plenty big $$ competitors and brands making it extremely hard for these guys to compete now days, not to mention the huge push towards internet shopping. 

The local surf shop is a place to hang out, a place where many people picked up their first sponsors, and an integral part of the culture. Lets face it, it is still the best place to go compare products, feel the flex of a board, try on some fins or even just go and kill some time between surf sessions. 

In this section we plan to take you on a virtual tour of the bodyboard and surf shops throughtout Australia and the world. We've heard from all the riders, so we thought it's about time we hear from some of the guys driving the sport from the industry side at the moment.