Board Materials

Kinetic Polypro Core (PP)

     Polypro is a state of the art, engineered Bodyboard core. A lightweight core that is fusion formed to create a nucleus that delivers incredible flex properties, including instant recoil, enhanced longitudinal stiffness and awesome compression strength. It is also 100% Waterproof, ensuring it stays nice and light throughout your boards life. Ideal for anyone in mid to warm climates, and extremely durable for those who surf a lot!

NRG Core

     Developed using cutting-edge expansion cell technology, NRG Core™ has been specifically formulated to duplicate key performance characteristics found in original Dow™ cores. By incorporating the latest advancements in calibrated cell-fusion and ESP™ (engineered stringer placement), NRG Core™ possesses excellent recoil and projection properties. The lightest high-performance core on the market. This is ideal for anyone in mid-cool climates, or those who prefer a bit of flex. Generally NRG Core is used with a Stringer and/or Link Mesh (as diagram above).

Polyethylene Core (PE)

     2.5pcf Extruded Polypropylene core for colder waters. Originally the favoured core by many bodyboarders, although over the years, different manufacturers has led to a final product with lower density. NRG was created to fill the void, however PE is still a popular choice, particularly for those who like a bit of flex in their boards.


Tension Tech Cores (PE, NRG + PP)

     Stealth has been active in experimenting with fusions of different cores and elements of bodyboard construction.  Tension Tech has been a recent favourite. This consists of a top mesh sandwich layer, between two layers of 1.5mm IXLPP (Crosslink Polypro). This allows us to produce a thinner core without sacrificing strength. The results are an incredibly strong board with excellent recoil. Whether combined with PP, NRG or PE Tension Tech brings out favourable properties from each material. 

Stealth Bodyboards EPS Core

EPS Core

     Extreme composite core that is strong and lightweight offering great flex, speed and flotation. 100% Waterproof. Perfect for beginners. 

Stealth Bodyboards Deck Skins

8 Pound PE Deck Skin

     5mm 8 pcf Wave Cushion non crosslink polyethylene deck and rail skins. This is the premier skin for high performance boards. This properties of this deckskin ensures it does not effect the desired flex of the bodyboard core.

Crosslink  PE Deck Skin 

     Irradiated crosslink polyethylene deck and rail skins. Super fine cell structure with less than 1% water absorbtion.


Stealth bodyboards construction Slicks

Surlyn™ Slick Skin 

     The slick Pro Bodyboarders demand ! Finest grade authentic Dupont Surlyn™ slick skin. Surlyn™ exhibits rubber-like properties for superior projection. It is designed so as that it has minimal impact on the flex properties of the core. While it may crease from overflexing, generally these are extremely small and do not effect performance. This slick is a derivative of golf balls, so you know it can take a flogging!

High Density Slick Skin (HD)

     Hard wearing, high density slick skin for stifness and speed.