Stealth Social #4

Actual dinosaur

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Cheers @wesley_von_blerk for ya clean skills on the gun. Anyone in JoBerg/Africa hit this wizard up ✍🏻

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Last day in canaries, cheers boys for a sick time #3amigos @wingass @findizzles @macmillzy @hankus_loubser

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The one that got away... 📹 @poevai #tahiti #bodyboard #ramp #slab #heavy #barrel #spit

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🎥 @benbettridgephotography @stealtharmy @stealthfins @reeflexwetsuits

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The Right: Earlier this year I had a session of a lifetime! I heard so many stories of this renowned wave. The way it moves, the location and the shear SIZE and HEAVINESS 😳 I couldn't sleep properly for a week prior to this day. Being the first day of winter and first solid swell of the season, we took our chances and drove down to hopefully surf The Right for the first time! We arose to glassy conditions and the sun blaring with only our crew on it. We started towing straight away. IT WAS ON!! With nerves hitting new heights, I watched the boys @benveitchy and @jake0sman drop into some amazing waves. They seemed so focused on the task in front of them but still kinda chilled about it haha which I couldn't quite comprehend. It was my turn in the hot seat 🔥 All the stories people had advised me on came to life! It was so shifty, the drop and you couldn't tell if it was going to close out or stay open! I towed into a couple, absolutely shitting myself with the quote, just make it to the channel, playing on repeat in my mind. The scenario was uncontrollable! Then I saw Jake paddle into the zone. I wigged out. This dudes on a stick and he's paddling in!!!! Jake definitely lifted the session to a new level in that moment. Veitch and I soon gathered our balls to join the madman and also have a dig at paddling in! The session started from us getting amazing waves by towing, to then us all having a go at paddling in. It was PSYCHO! It gave me a great sense of relief to see my mates make it to the channel from out the back after just witnessing them drop into the vertical water mountain before them! In those one or two hours, I paddled into some of the biggest and best waves of my life. I felt I pushed myself and gained a feeling that I've never felt before! It was a session I'll never forget and I thank my good friends @thridlink @gbeckerphoto @jake0sman and @benveitchy for a day that I'll always remember! This wave pictured was my last wave from the session. WHAT A DAY!!!! I hope you've enjoy my Sunday spill and my take on The RIGHT! 📷 @gbeckerphoto

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🌊 @stealtharmy @stealthfins

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Tools down for the weekend! Haha Yewww #commercialdiving

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Pretty morning! #lipinthehead 🙈💣 #GoPro

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Invert from yesterday 📷 @byron.brucejames. @stealtharmy

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