Mid range

Pro Board Materials and Technology for a fraction of the price!

PE Core Boards

These are the ideal option if you are just stepping up from an EPS Core board. The PE Core is a little softer than PP/Kinetic so best suited to slightly lighter use of cooler waters. All boards are re-inforced with 1 or 2 Stringer to increase stiffness and durability.


The Kinetic Core is industry staple for light weight and durability. The only difference between these and the $400+ Pro Model boards is HD Slick instead of Surlyn. 

The Slider is a Small-Wave special, the Squad closely replicates Rider Models, while the Spawn showcases our newest technologies for a reduced price.


These boards are available up to 46" and feature a thicker cut core and extra stingers for extra strength and buoyancy.

Mid-Range Boards

Stealth Bodyboards provides one of the most comprehensive Mid-Range Bodyboard selections on the market. In our eyes, these are the best value bodyboards available and ideal for the intermediate rider to progress their bodyboarding to the next level. The bodyboards in this collection, are all made in our Pro Bodyboard factory. This means they use the best materials and have the best workmanship compared to other boards in this price range. As well as performing better, these boards are more durable than those found in the Entry Level Range. These bodyboards are perfect for kids, beginners or anyone who just wants to catch a few waves over Summer!

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PE Core Bodyboards

These boards feature a PE Core and are the ideal step up from an EPS Board. The core is softer, but much more durable. These bodyboards are strengthened with the addition of stringers.

Kinetic PP Core Bodyboards:

These boards all use our Kinetic PP Core. This is the bodyboard industry staple for it's light weight and durability, especially in warmer waters. In many of these models, the only difference between these and the $400 Pro Boards is that they use HD Slick instead of Surlyn Slick - a small feature than is often only noticed by the Elite riders.

We'd recommend the Slider if you are a bit bigger or mainly surf smaller waves. The Squad  most closely replicates Pro Model Bodyboards, while the Spawn showcases our newest technologies for a reduced price.

  • Slider - Wider and thicker for increased performance in smaller waves
  • Squad - Pretty much a Pro Model Board
  • Spawn - Plenty of extra features

Big Boys Bodyboards:

These boards are available in sizes up to 46" and are suitable for bigger guys or girls. On top of that, they feature extra stringers for increased strength and durability, extra thickness for floatation and a bit of extra width for extra surface area to make bodyboarding easy.